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Banquet Tables – Folding Leg

Banquet Tables For Function and Event Spaces

The SICO Folding Leg Table exceeds all expectations required in quality banquet tables. Offering all that you would expect from a SICO® product – durability, ease of operation, and guest comfort. Staff can instantly transform your space into a modern banquet setting by setting up SICO tables, with a clean and modern design that will compliment even without the addition of linen or table covers. Your best investment is in a SICO table that will provide your venue with years of reliability.



  • Hygienically sealed Armor-Edge®  table top edges
  • Double sided table tops are designed to withstand rough handling for years of use and long-lasting durability
  • Aircraft lock nuts and bolts fastened at critical pivot points, remain tight, and can’t work loose.
  • Expansion rivets used in attaching the frame and plywood tops. They don’t work loose like competitor tables that use screws.
  • Frame materials used in supporting SICO Folding Leg Banquet Table Tops are durable and easy to use.

Banquet tables are one of the most utilised pieces of equipment in any function or event facility.

Ensuring you are investing in an option that best suits your set up and take down will make it a better experience for both guests and operational staff. The SICO® Folding Leg Banquet Table provides a modern table designed to meet both demanding environments with the durability and predictable performance that customers expect from a SICO® product.

Hygenic Armor-Edge®

The most durable edge is only available at SICO. Our exclusive Armor-Edge®  edge treatment hermetically seals the tabletop and prevents moisture from entering the tabletop core allowing staff to constantly sanitise surfaces without damaging banquet table tops or the structure of the table. Armor-Edge®  stops cracking, peeling or spilled liquids seeping into the table top. The process makes for one of the most durable tables on the market and saves the cost and time of replacing tables after years of regular use in busy venues.

Make sure it’s a SICO Banquet Table…

SICO® Folding Leg Banquet Tables are designed around guest comfort, they are strong, sturdy, and provide plenty of legroom while allowing acceptable space between seated individuals. SICO products are renowned for high-quality engineering and longevity of product life.


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