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Hotel Rollaway Beds

The SICO® Roll Away Bed offers a superior night’s sleep for additional guests in hotels, resorts, and short-term accommodation properties. For over 40 years the SICO® Roll Away Bed has been the industry go-to, for a five star guest experience in a roll away bed. Preferred by general managers, housekeeping, and back of house staff for its ease of use, and hygienic features. The SICO® Roll Away Bed is most importantly the point of difference and upsell for your rooms with a luxurious Australian commercially made hotel-grade Sleepmaker Commercial Hotelier mattress.

NEW Moisture Resistant Mattress Cover Option
Get the same comfort and mobility of the standard SICO® Roll Away Bed with the advantage of a waterproof, fluid & stain resistant antibacterial cover. For use within both healthcare facilities and hotel accommodation. 



SICO® Hotel Rollaway Beds are ergonomically designed for ease of use by housekeeping staff to operate and clean. Moving effortlessly through hallways and standard doorways the SICO® Mobile Sleeper is preferred across Australian four and five-star hotels and apartments for its premium construction, unique easy-clean hygienic vinyl-covered base, and pillow-stopping headboard. SICO® Rollaway Beds provide the ultimate comfort and aesthetically pleasing bed for hotels, resorts, and apartments.


Transport & Storage

SICO® hotel rollaway beds move effortlessly from storage out into use and can be easily stored pre-made and ready to use when the need arises by housekeeping staff. We also offer an optional storage cover, keeping beds clean and dust-free.