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Pacer Table Rectangular

Fold and rolls from storage into use and back again, Simple!

The SICO Pacer offers a safe and easy solution to change rooms over quickly and without having to move and damage heavy tables and is the perfect choice for a variety of settings: clubs, hotels, function spaces, community centers and libraries – whatever the venue.

The SICO Pacer is ergonomically designed to take the work out of setup, tear down, and trips to storage. With an easy to operate fold and roll motion Pacers move from their folded stored position out into your space and fold effortlessly down into use.


  • + Roll on wheels from storage into use – quickly, safely & quietly
  • + Set up rooms 60% faster than folding leg tables
  • + Secure locking bar is an additional safety feature
  • + Recessed legs for the comfort of guests
  • + Available in round, rectangular and oval shapes
  • + Wheels raise up off the ground when lowered down into use
  • + Preferred by function and conference venues worldwide
  • + 15 year warranty on welds