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Socializer All-A-Round Table

The Socializer table is designed to fit pre-function and social events for any venue.  SICO Socializer Tables are designed for seating or standing with a height adjustable strut that allows for multiple configurations.  Each table is designed to fold and roll easily from storage into use.

SICO’s exclusive Armor-Edge, together with a sturdy MDF core and a high-pressure laminate protects the tabletop while also making it easy-to-clean and sanitary.

You can customise this table with your logo or school emblem

Socializer All-A-Round Table, Round
Function: Multiple adjustable height table for sitting/standing.
Top Dimension: 91 cm diameter
Adjustable Table Height:74 cm to 104 cm
Storage Dimensions: 1 Unit: 63 cm x 92 cm x 120 cm – 150 cm.
Nesting Storage: Each additional unit requires only 16 cm of storage space.
Weight: 24 kg