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Cam-Lock Portable Dance Floor

No magnets, time-consuming jigsaw panels or unsafe gravity mechanisms to keep panels interlocked.

Parquet Positive Cam-Lock System

Cam-Lock Portable Dance Flooring gives you the elegance and durability of the SICO® Original Parquet Dance Floor — along with the positive connection of a Cam-Lock locking system.

Perfect Choice for Frequent Usage!

The addition of the positive Cam-Lock system to this floor dramatically reduces set-up time and is a good choice for facilities that use dance floors on a frequent basis. The Cam-Lock allows you to automatically align panels and trim pieces together for a faster and secure fit. A half-turn with an Allen wrench is all that’s needed to lock or unlock panels, reducing the time and labor required to lay down the floor. Cam-Lock’s reliable positive locking system is not dependent upon magnets or gravity to keep panels interlocked.

Engineered for Quality and Reliability

At SICO®, we use only the highest-quality wood parquet and guarantee the square-ness of every panel, making set-up and take-down easy. Plus, the back of each panel is coated with a high-grade polymer for a protective barrier to moisture. The SICO® gold anodized border trim provides a modest 11° slope to every floor, along with a broad 127mm width. Each trim piece highlights the edge of the floor for your guests, helping to reduce the risk of trips and falls.

Self-Aligning Panels Makes Set-up Easy

The edging on this floor works with the locking design to automatically align panels and trim pieces together for a faster and more secure fit. This makes for quicker, trouble-free assembly that’s easier on your crews.