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Electric Food Warmers

Maintain the Original Quality of Food

SICO® Electric Food Warmers present food hot from the kitchen, without over-cooking or drying that can affect the quality of the dining experience for your guests. No more solid fuel odors in your food, or in your guest room.

Energy Efficient Model Carries Hot or Cold Food Safely

This model has a solid stainless steel exterior and aluminum interior, as well as insulated sides and door to retain both hot and cold temperatures. Units come in your choice of a 120 or 240 volt power input. Each unit has a built-in thermostat to hold ideal temperature.

Unit Easily Converts to Solid Fuel when Needed

This foodwarmer unit gives you the added flexibility of converting to a solid fuel unit when needed. Simply swap out your existing food warmer’s back panel with a solid fuel back panel.

Solid Construction, and Easy Maintenance

SICO® Electric Food Warmers have a double wall construction and riveted assembly for long term durability. The back panel is removable and all surfaces are designed for easy access and cleaning. The designed height of each food warmer allows each unit to stack for storage.

The Performance Promise

SICO® food warmers come with a 1-Year Warranty.