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Insta-Wall Mobile Partitions

Divide your space instantly! Hide service areas, minimise distractions, create temporary storage areas, direct traffic or subdivide meeting spaces – the configuration options are endless.


  • Rolls smoothly to the required area, folds, and unfolds easily
  • 360 degree hinges – allows the Insta-Wall to be rotated into any position.
  • No-pinch seams – eliminate pinched fingers.
  • Sound absorbed – Fabric & design reduce the background noise and give your customers more privacy.
  • Shipped fully assembled.
  • Easy to operate by one person


  • 183cm H x 264cm L x 670cm W
  • 183cm H x 477cm L x 670cm W
  • 183cm H x 592cm L x 670cm W

Range of fabric colours available