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Tri-Height Portable Stage

SICO® Tri-Height staging adjusts in either 15cm or 20cm increments, in two or three heights, to provide your facility with the ability to have multiple configurations, within one staging unit. Set the Tri-Height stage up for performances, conference room presentations or wedding head tables. Set-up tiered configurations for seating or musical performances. With clever reversible decks, the SICO® Tri-Height stage offers a choice between carpet or Tuff-deck surfaces, to create your ideal stage setup.

The Tri-Height takes minimal effort to set-up. Each section of the Tri-Height mobile folding stage is designed to be handled by one person, keeping your staffing requirements and labour costs to a minimum. The stage is easy to fold and changing heights is simple, with our automatic “Lock and Pin Mechanism” system.

Each stage unit rolls into the desired position, and when in use, rests on 8 sturdy, load-bearing stage legs.


SICO® Tri-Height staging is perfect for when multiple configurations are needed within one space, and larger heights are needed to be above the audience. Tri-Height staging is strong and robust and comes with a range of accessories including drapes, articulating steps, and guardrails to complete your professional staging needs.


The Added Flexibility Of A Reversible Deck

Choose your deck surface by using our exclusive SICO® pop-up deck feature — this may be done without dismantling your stage set-up. There are no buttons, latches, cables, or ropes to bother with, when setting up your Tri-Height stage.