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Folding Leg Tables Rectangle

SICO® Redefines The Standard For Folding Leg Tables

The SICO Armor-Edge® FLT table exceeds all expectations required in a folding leg table. The Armor-Edge® FLT offers you all that you would expect from a SICO® product, durable, easy to operate, and enhances your space.

Quality Engineering and Construction For Long Lasting Performance

SICO® is known for its quality engineering and design and this reputation carries forward with SICO’s Armor-Edge® FLT. The Armor-Edge® FLT table is engineered for long lasting performance. SICO’s Armor-Edge® FLT folding leg tables are constructed using SICO’s® proven materials:

  • Armor-Edge® Provides the most durable table edging system in the industry.
  • Aircraft lock nuts and bolts fastened at critical pivot points remain tight and can’t work loose.
  • Expansion rivets used in attaching the frame and plywood tops do not work loose like competitor tables that use screws.
  • Double sided high pressure laminate tabletops are designed to withstand rough handling for years of use and long-lasting durability.
  • Frame materials used in supporting SICO Armor-Edge® FLT table tops are durable and easy to use.