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TechLite™ Portable Stage

No Loose Parts To Assemble

Whether your space is large or small, the versatile TechLite™ Portable Stage and Riser System will allow you to mix and match, to create the ideal personalised stage and riser system. Our patent-pending, new TechLite™ Portable Stage and Riser System can be assembled and disassembled, without the use of any tools. Adjustable or fixed heights, Riga Heksa Plus decking or carpet, water resistant materials and sealing, along with your choice of accessories, makes the TechLite™ System the most versatile on the market.

  • Riga Heksa Plus Decking — Raised hexagon dot patterned surface provides high anti-slip properties.
  • Power Lock System — An easy and effective way to fasten the leg to the stage.
  • Alignment Channel — Adjust telescoping leg height with ease.


Techlite staging is perfect for venues that need an insertable stage system, that allows for easy set up and take down. With no loose parts or tools required for set up, it’s suitable for use in all types of venues.